What is a Jessica?

Untangling the Jessica Hannan puzzle.

Freelance writer with a lot of projects and always looking for more. Atlanta native (a rarity) with a love of words and books. I enjoy being busy, examining life, and putting research into good use. I regularly take photographs, typically of my small town and loved ones. But I have covered Dragon Con exclusively for a news outlet, acting as my own photographer. For some of my available art for sell, check out the 500px account.

Plus, I foster local strays and ferals. Some I adopt because of a strong bond that heals both body and mind.  Being an animal advocate, even on a small scale, brings a lot of joy into my life. And one of the reasons I photograph the various litters as I try and rehome them. Every life has potential to do good–including a kitten or three. Like George Feeny said, “Do good.” And be socially keyed in.

I’m open and honest. I don’t hide from my opinions or feelings. I follow my instincts. I believe in the power of Gavin De Becker‘s advice to use “the gift of fear.” If you’re afraid, stop and figure out why. If it’s hesitation of failure, jump anyway. If it’s fear from a deeper level, listen. This is one reason I cover women topics. We’re told to ignore what we feel, what we know, and I believe that’s the wrong path. You can’t run from change if trying to inspire change.

For the record, I’m not a country singer, either. Believe me. That’s a gift unless you like Eunice’s singing in  Mama’s Family. Each of these facts make me who I am. And that’s who will be working with you: some dedicated, innovative, and honest.


So why the name of the site?

My significant other calls me his ‘research queen.’ Who wouldn’t find that a great compliment? Basically, I’m a very strategic velociraptor. I enjoy words and how they bounce around. Forming new identities and questions on every level possible. Remember the show Ghostwriter on PBS? That’s the kind of ghost for me. Someone to help me out while offering new tidbits about languages. As for the .xyz…well, guess the generation block I fall in?

Sven Hueske created the logo for the site based on very specific requests. Writing is as as old as time and as progress moved, so did how we communicate. Technology has slowed handwritten missives without destroying the need for personal communication. He designed Rambling Reality‘s logo, as well as Clever Girl.