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The editorial résumé encompasses both my writing and editorial career as well as my work as founder of Wild Pantheon Press. Bulk of my experience is in academic and fiction proofreading, as well as solving content gapes. Editing processes for fictional work includes looking at the overall content, from voice to grammar, and world-building. World building includes interpersonal relationships between characters and particular approaches to maintaining a story’s appeal while keeping in mind audience expectations for genre. Extensive work as a book reviewer in the romance and supernatural genres and researcher on the rise of the alpha heroine in urban fantasy.

For academic and journalistic approaches, I look to tighten narration and information in a way that offers more data information. Working as a journalist required self-editing with a quick turn around and matching publication style. Established a certain style for humanitarian aid and human interest stories at one publication. Academic focus tightening evidence from multiple mediums in pop culture relations.


Elza and Being Too Female. Podcast episode featuring Marc Fitten’s Elza’s Kitchen and how it relates to being too female for male audiences. Bonus observations on the influence of Milan Kundera’s intrusive narrator technique in the beginning of Fitten’s novel and the subsequent change of audience view on the woman’s goals. 

Hell’s Tales. Migrated book review blog. Large focus on characterization and emphasis on plot. Earned right to Belle Books NetGalley selection through networking at local writing conferences and Dragon Con.

Without Reason: Rise of the Alpha HeroineResearch paper on what inspired the rise of the alpha heroine in the early 2010s for paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Includes interviews with Jeanine Frost and Eileen Wilkes. Focuses primarily on the previous twenty years of American woman gaining political power and the backlash on a national and individual level. Compares sexual assault against female protagonists between serial books by Patricia Briggs and J.R. Ward.