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The editorial résumé encompasses both my writing and editorial career as well as my work as founder of Wild Pantheon Press.

There are few topics I’m unwilling to cover with solid background in reporting news on a larger scale. Written articles center on women’s rights and issues like wage gap and medical coverage. My main focus is on “rewriting human interest,” where I take global matters and restate the problems on a localized level. As a global citizen, it’s my duty to help publish and focus on positive impacts. Other topics include the refugee conflict, poverty inequality, and startups.

I also work as a ghostwriter for nonprofits–combining a deep love of research and activist interests. Complying and making data available for the general public takes on an editorial and creative approach. I avoid topics such as yellow journalism, speculative gossip, and men’s rights activism.



#IWD2016: Educating About Gender Parity. But it’s not just sexist poverty that limits opportunities, either. It’s the systematic segregation based on gender.

Berlin Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Fall of the Wall. Merkel looks back at the victory and the subsequent changes with a different perspective. Reuters noted that during a speech on Saturday in Berlin’s New National Gallery, the German leader spoke of the need for freedom and self-determination.

EU Leader Summit about Refugee Crisis and the Balkan Route. Easier assignment of visas and using the EU-Turkey Action Plan have been set up to avoid the use of smugglers—a reason many refugees die in mid-transit or are stuck in Turkey after supplying large amounts of money. Europol, Frontex and Interpol will work to create safer routes for the refugees while attempting to catch human traffickers and smugglers.

FBI Director Comey and law enforcement’s ‘lazy shortcuts of cynicism’. Without any sense of irony, the director ponders, “Perhaps the reason we struggle as a nation is because we’ve come to see only what we represent, at face value, instead of who we are. We simply must see the people we serve.” Yet he demands those who have been hunted, profiled, and treated to systematic abuse to also see law enforcement’s risks as well. “They need to understand the difficult and frightening work they do to keep us safe.”

Miseducation of Syrian Refugees. For students who need space and recovery time, a lending library offers opportunity to still be active in a community. Smaller interactions with people as mental barriers rebuild still provide human contact without consistent expectations.

Representing Women in Hollywood. How do you let someone soar? By giving the opportunity to change the status quo–for the embarrassment to leave and acknowledgement to take place.

TrialFunder: Providing Equality in Crowdsourcing Litigation in a Free Market. Reality is often much more difficult and yields little success against economic powerhouses. Who would win: David’s tiny stone or Medical Corporation X’s ability to block out the sun?

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