Jessica Hannan.

38. Geek. Loves history and literature. Freelance journalist. Writer. Visual artist. Married. Cat lover. Born in metro Atlanta. Southern sweet tea or bust. Activist. Living in Germany. Podcaster. Hopeful. Loves organizing life and things. Diabetic.

That’s a lot info in a small space, huh? But that’s okay. It’s a good indication of who I am but not entirely who I am. I like shaking things up and doing new things. I moved across the world to be with my husband after all.

You can also read my blog at Was-Wo.com, which details my life as an immigrant in a different world. You can also listen to me at Deconstructing Damsels. That’s my passion project. Tearing apart and highlighting the awesome women of romance is never a dull moment.

If you want to reach me, just click on the contact page. Form goes directly to my email.