While in college, I worked a freelance editor for academic papers. Most information focused on minor copy edits and more developmental structure (such as tightening prose, rearranging thesis points and themes).  My fiction process tends to move toward plot, characterization, and overall structure. I currently do this with my podcast Deconstructing Damsels where I highlight the women of romance and how important they are within the story and sometimes genre.


First: what do I focus on and what length? Primarily romance, women's fiction and science fiction/fantasy with any length of story. Fantasy specialties include standard genre, urban, and paranormal. Science fiction is more speculative, fantasy, epic and less Star Trek levels.

Content editing is my absolute wheelhouse. Looking at the development aspect makes me a little gleeful. What does that mean? I pay close attention plot, characterization, structure, and arcs/world building. Questions include if the story has a strong direction that a reader can easily follow and identifying what shines or gets lost.

I can add a two paragraph edit at then end of every other chapter that explains how each section works together as a part of the package if desired.

Characterization creates a happy editor, which is why I review romance. Characters are the center of the conflict and resolution. They're the glue. And that drives a stronger look at basic line editing. Clarity and sentence composition are key areas as they balance all work and engage readers.

Ultimately: can your readers enjoy the story?


Listed services/prices are for a 200 page romance book. Amounts may change based on client need.

Basic summary/review$275+
Line-editing $400+
Copy-editing $500+
Development edit (advanced) $875+
Research contact.

For any work involving significant rewrite and research, please contact for more details. Please note that I can't format for e-book publishing. Design is not in my wheelhouse.

Payment will be discussed after the trial period and communication. I generally accept 33% payment at the beginning of contract, 33% after initial edit, and rest at the end of  the contract. Flexibility in payment plans are available as well. If you don't want a long edit, I can easily perform a critique for a reduced price.

I offer a single chapter review for free. The best way to understand how I work is to see it. This also offers you the chance to see if we match. No matter what, you will receive a marked up copy as well as an unmarked copy.

A signed contract protects both client and contractor, so I insist on one. However, that is only signed after we have communicated all expectations. I do not require a contract for the free sample. Only when we agree to work together.

If would like you to combine services, please advise in the initial contact.

Time Frame

I prefer around 3-4 weeks turn around so that all work is completed within time frame. One advantage is that I'm a speed reader and can adjust as needed during our collaboration. Be advised that if your work has deep world building, I may take a week longer to do developmental and proofreading. Just to make sure everything is covered.

Interested? Click the contact page.