These are a handful of stories written about current events, cultural movements, entertainment news, and political progression. They may include international pieces as well as local. For more of my work, please click here.




  • Fabulous Fox Theater Celebrates 40 Years of Success
    Considered a bedrock of Atlanta history, the building almost didn’t survive the 1970s as big businesses razed old structures to make way for high rises. However, the ingenuity and backing of the musical community today still keeps the theater around for musicians to sing on a one-of-a-kind stage.
  • Queen Latifah on Community and Domestic Violence
    Queen Latifah ruled the charts and now rules the small screen with her daily talk show. But what most people may miss is her strong background in community outreach.
  • Terry Pratchett, Author of Discworld and Good Omens, Dead at 66
    Beloved fantasy author Prachett died and readers around the world mourned. Writer and co-author Neil Gaiman discussed what it was like to work on Good Omens and how much the BBC production meant to everyone involved.

Original Overture

These are pieces that I’ve covered exclusively for events or received a guest pass to attend and report on. Items like Dragon Con are good draws for the geek and nerd culture that I’m actively involved in.

Dragon Con (2014-2015)

  • Don Rosa on Publishing and Carl Barks
    Don Rosa sat down and discussed Disney’s European comics operation that invites diversity amid the plummeting worldwide sales figures. He also talks about Carl Barks’ influence in Walt’s world.
  • Dragon Con 2014: Charity breaks convention records
    DC works with a charity every year, offering donations from attendees, auction funds, and anything else given for the explicit purpose. 2014 saw convention numbers break at $100,000 for the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Listen to what the charity director, Jen Breland, told me about why it’s so important.
  • Dragon Con 2014: Revenge Porn and Sexual Harassment
    While at Dragon Con, photos of explicit celebrity photos, mostly women, were released online by hackers. At the same time, the EFF held an event on revenge porn law updates and what can be done to stop the action.
  • Dragon Con 2014: Julie Benz aims for strong female roles
    Actress Julie Benz actively seeks out women who are strong, intelligent with a quick wit and heart. It’s not always easy, but television offer a lot more options. Women like Rita on Dexter aren’t necessarily Buffy, but they’re help create a better canvas for all characters.
  • Dragon Con 2014: Julie Benz on acting, aging, and imperfection
    Julie Benz’s known for her performance of strong women in shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Darla), Desperate Housewives (Robin), and Defiance (Amanda). But one thing that stands out is her personal desire to age in Hollywood and not run from any imperfections.

MomoCon 2015

  • Funko Invades Atlanta’s MomoCon
    This year, MomoCon hosted a panel about the growing pop culture phenomenon of Funko figures. In an exclusive, panel moderator Lauren Murphree opened up on why the cute Pop! figurines are so in demand and how the company’s managed to snag geeks minds everywhere.